Couples Boudoir Photography


Gay couple laying in a field of tall grass shirtless holding each other in boudoir photography shoot in Toronto.
Couple kissing on a couch during boudoir session in bright photography studio in Toronto.

There’s no need to worry about feeling awkward about boudoir photography—I provide guidance and playful prompts to make you feel at ease and truly be in the moment. I’m open to experimenting and brainstorming creative boudoir ideas, and embracing whatever unfolds during our time together. 

When it comes to location, you get to choose the backdrop for your boudoir session that best reflects the essence of your love story. Whether you prefer the comfort of your home, the aesthetics of a studio or the beauty of the outdoors, the choice is yours.

Black and White boudoir photography of two women playing with a flogger in Toronto.


Couple posing in natural light during boudoir photography session in their home in Toronto.


Pricing STARTs AT $700

Let’s create a comfortable and safe space together and explore your and your partner’s steamy side in a boudoir shoot. All bodies, all dynamics, and all identities are welcome!

Creative direction brainstorming call included

Can be purchased as a gift

Clothing is optional 😉



Treat yourself to a boudoir shoot that is all about you—immortalize your glorious ass, make that loser you used to date regret the day he was born.

A safe and supportive environment so you can fully be yourself!

Photos may be used however you’d like—For those of you who are content creators.

Women on her hands and knees in lingerie with the sun illuminating her body looks at the camera during a solo boudoir session in Toronto.



04 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling awkward in front of the camera is completely normal, especially in the vulnerability of a boudoir session. To ease your nerves, I prioritize a pre shoot meet-up online or in person to get to know each other better. Open and honest communication is key throughout the process, ensuring we’re on the same page and creating an atmosphere of trust.

I also love planning boudoir shoots around activities, places, or details that hold personal meaning for you. This helps create a nice relaxed vibe and takes away the pressure from having your photo taken. Remember, this is your shoot, and I’m here to accommodate your comfort level and needs. If something doesn’t feel right or you have spontaneous ideas, we can always adapt on the spot. These are just some of the ways I strive to provide the best boudoir photography in Toronto.

Absolutely not! There’s no obligation to bare all. Intimacy can be portrayed in various beautiful ways, and you get to decide what that might look like for you. Whether it’s your favourite dress, some lingerie, or opting to wear nothing at all, the choice is entirely yours. Also, keep in mind you can always decide in the moment – sessions typically start with at least some clothing, so you can see how you feel once you’re there.

I promise there is no need to worry, even if you feel like you might be the awkwardest, strangest person that ever lived! When we own up to who we are and how we feel there is so much beauty in that. My intention for you during our time together is so that you can feel free to be yourself and let me worry about the rest. Plus, we can always adapt the session in real time based on your comfort level. So, whether you’re a little or a lot awkward, I’m here to make sure your experience is enjoyable and the photos reflect your true selves.

I don’t use Photoshop to alter your physical appearance. My photography style leans towards a documentary and photojournalistic approach, capturing your story authentically just as it unfolds. I believe in honouring you for being exactly who you are because that’s what I find most beautiful.

While I avoid major alterations, I’m more than happy to touch up any temporary acne or blemishes that might make you feel self-conscious. Just give me a heads-up ahead of time if there’s anything you’re concerned about and I’ll be mindful of it during both the shooting and editing process.

The photoshoot location is entirely up to you! I am based in Toronto but can travel. We can capture beautiful moments right in the comfort of your home, providing a familiar and cozy setting. Or if your home doesn’t have ideal lighting or if there’s too much clutter, no worries—  we can always rent a studio for a few hours. I’ll send you suggestions tailored to your aesthetic taste and budget. Alternatively, one of my personal favourites is taking the shoot outdoors. I’ll pre-scout a location in advance to have the most magical backdrop for our session.